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Apply now: Bachelor Seminar “Platforms in Creative Industries”


The aim of this course offered by guest lecturers Johannes Loh and Hakan Özalp, is to provide a comprehensive overview of how the rise of digital technologies and platforms affected creative industries.

Powerful platforms have emerged across all areas of the digital economy. Together with increased availability of digital technologies, they have altered the way value is created, delivered, and consumed. These changes are particularly notable in creative industries – e.g. music, videos, games, and books. This has raised many important questions for creatives, managers, and regulators about how to effectively produce and distribute creative goods, as well as regulatory challenges.

The course is held as a block seminar in English from Monday, 30.05.2022 to Friday, 03.06.2022. The number of participants is limited to 15. Please note that attendance is mandatory.

Apply by sending an e-mail to including a CV and a recent grade transcript until 06.05.2022.

Consult the lsf page for more detailed information: