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ORG Seminar with Elisa Gerten on whether the increasing adoption of ICT shift employees' and teams’ incentives


Exciting end of this semester's ORGseminar series with Elisa Gerten from the Universität Basel this week.
Does the increasing adoption of ICT shift employees' and teams’ #incentives in organizations? And if so, does this change influence more individuals’ or collective outcomes?

If you want to know the answer you can contact Elisa here:
Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next series of amazing ORG Seminar speakers:

The ORGSeminar is an open research seminar that is jointly organized by the Chair of Organizational Economics and the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization.

The seminar aims to facilitate the regular scientific interaction between professors, postdocs, and Ph.D. students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and national and international visiting scholars about current research questions on organizations.