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ORG Seminar with Ashely Metz on the role of keystone artifacts in field research


How does a field shift from reliance on a highly institutionalized standard that upholds power dynamics among stakeholders to a more complex, democratized one?

During last week’s ORGseminar, Ashley Metz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Organization Studies at Tilburg University, shared her preliminary findings on this question. In her work, she suggests a process model that emphasizes the role of keystone artifacts in field architecture to explain field transformation. If you want to learn more about her interesting work, reach out to Ashley Metz.

Further, as an expert in qualitative research, Ashley held a Ph.D. course on qualitative methods to guide LMU Munich School of Management students through the different techniques to collect and analyze qualitative evidence.

Thanks for your exciting input, Ashley!

ORG Ashley Mertz