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Research Days 2022


research days


On April 11th and 12th, 2022 the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Innovation went on Research Days to Ohlstadt, only a short train ride away from Munich. After the pandemic and especially after welcoming new colleagues to ISTO, we used the time to work on new ideas and research topics, to think about future projects and to have more casual conversations. In the morning and afternoon every team member held a short presentation on their current research topic. Tobias Kretschmer closed with a keynote speech about getting ready for the next 15 years. In the evening after dinner, we enjoyed having some leisure time together, playing cards and other games. On Tuesday we ended our retreat with an idyllic walking tour through the woods.

At ISTO we continuously strive for idea exchange and value feedback in order to produce excellent research, making contributions to the research community and constantly evolving our teaching methods and course materials. The past research days enabled us to do exactly this. We are thus looking forward to next year, making it a tradition to continuously improve not only our research, but also the internal atmosphere and communication.