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ISTO co-organized SMS Virtual Panel on “Societal Platforms: Between Markets and Grand Challenges” – Recording now available!


How can platforms help fighting grand challenges? How should they be designed to contribute to sustainability?

On November 3rd the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Innovation joined forces with the Knowledge & Innovation Interest Group of the Strategic Management Society to organize a 90-min virtual panel about “Societal Platforms: Between Markets and Grand Challenges”. With over 50 participants joining in worldwide via Zoom, the event was a great success.

Mission-driven platforms like Amnesty Decoder and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap are on the rise. These societal platforms address challenges such as fighting poverty, education, climate actions, and sustainable cities and communities on a large scale and at speed by orchestrating an ecosystem and creating value for the market and society.

Practice generally highlights that the platforms' philanthropic nature and the pro-social mission determine a very peculiar design and governance for those organizations. Yet, research in the field is still scarce.

Thus, the renowned scholars Shaz Ansari (Cambridge University, UK), Carliss Baldwin (Harvard Business School, US), Anil Doshi (UCL, UK), Dror Etzion (McGill University, CA), and Gurneeta Vasudeva (University of Minnesota, US) presented their take on the topic during the SMS virtual panel. Afterward, the panelists and the audience engaged in fruitful discussions about the subject and future research directions.

We want to thank all participants who registered to the event and contributed to a memorable after-noon. The institute is looking forward to host similar events in the future and to expose the topic of societal platforms to a broader audience.

The event was recorded and will be available via the following link: