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Online Labor Market Workshop


The Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (ISTO) is organizing an informal workshop on online labor markets (OLMs) with a number of international partners. OLMs, that permit employers from around the world to sell their labor and skills to a global set of employers, are a fast-growing phenomenon and are used to fulfil an ever-increasing range of activities. In this workshop, we will initiate discussion on the specificities of online labor markets, in particular the differences on the supply side (i.e. freelancers offering their services) and the demand side (i.e. firms commissioning work via OLMs).

Registration: Participation is open, but prior registration is required. Please contact Jörg Claussen (E-Mail schicken an if you would like to participate.

When: 01/03/2018

Where: Kaulbachstr. 45. 2nd floor, Room 202 (Seminar Room), 80539 Munich

For more information concerning the agenda of the workshop click here