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Organizations, Incentives and Employment

Archive StampProseminar Strategy and Organization in Technology Markets

Dr. Rafael Gomez

Course Overview

The course introduces students to models of incentives within the firm, the latest in behavioral economic research and also exposes students to modern theories of personnel economics. It then applies these models to analyze current organizational, human resource management and internal labour market issues and problems. The course content will be largely based on the prototypical Anglo-Saxon firm and labor market environment. As this corporate form is fast becoming the norm in most developing parts of the world, it is important that we cast our gaze more rigorously on it.

Course Structure

This course is designed as a combination of lectures and seminars. The first half of any class will begin with a real-world case for the topic of the day. Students will be asked to contribute their ideas and suggestions. The lecture materials of any topic will also introduce students to the key models and relevant theory. For the second half of each class, students will be asked to prepare answers to a set of questions that are found at the end of the outline. These answers will not have to be written up formally, but will be discussed in class and students will be asked to be prepared to answer any of the questions assigned. This course will be based on the Harvard Business School cold-call method. That is, students will be chosen at random to answer questions in any given class. This means that coming to class prepared is essential.


  1. Brief Introduction to Theory of the Firm
  2. Brief Introduction to Theory of Work
  3. Worker Motivation I: Traditional Economics
  4. Worker Motivation II: Traditional Psychology
  5. Worker Motivation III: New Behavioural Economic Literature
  6. Case Study: How to Reward for Performance?
  7. Organizational Structure: What is Optimal?
  8. Worker Voice and Empowerment: Theory and Evidence
  9. The New World of Work: Evidence from Selected OECD Countries
  10. Equity, Efficiency and Voice: A Framework for Governance



  • The course is held as a block seminar in English
  • Attendance to all lectures of the course is mandatory
  • This seminar does not qualify for a Bachelor thesis at the ISTO according to the examination regulations (107 kB)
  • The number of participants is limited to 15
  • Please apply by sending an e-mail to including a CV and a recent grade transcript until 29.04.2016.
Dates Monday, 20.06.16 - Friday, 24.06.16
Class will usually take place in two daily session, 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00-17:00.
Deadlines 29.4.2016 (Application)
Location The course will take place at Kaulbachstr. 45, 2nd floor, room 202
Credits 3 ECTS in module M/F-BWL (PO 08)
Examination Saturday, 25.6.16, 10:00 - 11:00, room B 015, main building (Hauptgebäude)
One hour closed book exam