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Explaining Consumer and Firm Decisions in Network Industries

Archive StampAdvanced Seminar Strategy and Organization in Technology Markets

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Grohsjean, Christine Auer, Pascal Kober

Course Overview

The most exciting and economically important industries these days are Internet and technology industries. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google do not only dominate the front pages of newspapers but also most people's daily life. A common and distinctive characteristic of these industries are network effects. Simply put, a consumer will favor a product that is already adopted by many other consumers, which suggests that coordination on a single product is beneficial for customers and firms alike. The goal of the seminar is to shed light on the complex decision-making processes that help consumers and firms to coordinate. As processes often require qualitative data, the participants will use a qualitative approach to develop their term paper.

Course Structure

This seminar is aimed at introducing students to academic research and, in particular, to structuring complex problems, reading scientific papers, working with qualitative data and constructing a clear argument on their own. It serves as an ideal preparation for a Bachelor thesis.


To apply, please send your CV and a recent transcript to Pascal Kober (E-Mail schicken an by 14.02.2014, 12:00 (confirmation of participation: 17.02.2014). By attending the kickoff session, you are bindingly enrolled into the seminar.



  • The course is held as a block seminar in English
  • This seminar qualifies for a Bachelor thesis according to the examination regulations (107 kB)
Dates Wednesday, 16.04.2014, 9:00-12:00, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307 (Kickoff session I)
Thursday, 17.04.2014, 9:00-12:00, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307 (Kickoff session II)
Wednesday, 04.06.2014, 9:00-12:00, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307 (Interim presentations I)
Thursday, 05.06.2014, 9:00-12:00, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307 (Interim presentations II)
Deadlines Friday, 14.02.2014, 12:00 (Application)
Friday, 04.07.2014, 12:00 (Term paper)
Credits 6 ECTS in module M/F-BWL (PO 08)
Examination Interim presentation and term paper
[Please strictly adhere to our formal requirements (PDF - 205 kB)]