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Global Business Game

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Lecture Strategy and Organization in Technology Markets

Bachelor Guest Seminar
Course instructor: Prof. Niron Hashai, Associate Professor at the Arison School of Business, Herzliya, Israel | LSF entry

Course Overview

How to run a successful international company? How to manage a successful team to ex-ploit international business opportunities? A primary objective of the course is to experi-ence the basic decisions that managers in an international company face. These include management and technology selection, product and process design, R&D investment, mar-ket analysis, positioning, product launch timing, financing, team development, and general management of operations.
This exclusive international management simulation course is designed to give each stu-dent a unique opportunity to apply the knowledge base that has been acquired throughout his/her program by taking part in global business simulation (INTOPIA) in which they be-come members of a firm’s top management team and have the opportunity to manage and run an international company. The exclusive simulation enables students to experience the managerial decision-making process with special emphasis on the role of identifying an appropriate business strategy. Moreover, the course is based on "learning by doing" and provides a learning experience that simulates the understanding of how to run an interna-tional company.

INTOPIA simulates the chip and personal computer industry in an international business setting. Each team will run a company which has a home office in Liechtenstein, well known international tax haven, with an initial amount of capital (8M SF). During the game the firm’s top management team is responsible for all facets of the business. The team members will need to deliver their managerial decisions about R&D, production, marketing, and distribution as well as their choices about what to produce (chips or PCs) and where to operate (Brazil, Europe, U.S.). In addition, there are four currencies, and companies can be in any of them in any locality for short or long periods of time.

Each team will be required to make a set of strategic and functional decisions in 8 business quarters following three experimental decision quarters. These three test quarters should provide with an opportunity to learn and acquire experience about the INTOPIA world and the best strategies you should pursue and adapt when the real game begins.

Course Goals and Organization

INTOPIA is intended to offer the students a variety of benefits, and notably the following:

  1. Provide every student an opportunity to be part of a Top Team Management in simulated real‐world scenarios
    within an international business setting.
  2. Develop systematic strategic thinking and learn to build supporting systems of elements that help achieve the full
    potential of strategic orientation and course of actions.
  3. Practice the creation of strategic alliances and overcome the challenges of their man-agement.
  4. Present opportunity to apply strategic and international management insights to engage in forming cooperative
    modes of operation and acquire substantial practical knowledge about business negotiation.
  5. Engage in strategic, tactical and operational decision‐making processes in uncertain inter-national environments.
  6. Provide an opportunity to receive peer feedback on your leadership and team work skills.


All required material can be found on the LSF system such as slides used in class and links to other material that may be relevant. Although there are no regular consultation meet-ings prior to the class, Prof. Hashai is pleased to support individuals or small groups dur-ing the class to aid the learning. Meetings could involve anything from answering clarifica-tion questions about the material covered in the course, to going deeper in a case analysis, or engaging in discussions of strategic and international business strategy. You are most welcome!

Being prepared for the game

Prior to the Game, it is mandatory that each student studies the INTOPIA manual and un-derstands the rules of the game. Good preparation for the simulation game will allow you to better understand the new world of INTOPIA including its competitive environment. Overcoming the challenge of knowing the rules will grant you with a sustainable competitive advantage. That’s why it is strongly recommend to read the INTOPIA executive guide very carefully and to be familiar with the details.

Course material

Thorelli, H.B., Graves, R.L. & J‐C Lopez, (2010) INTOPIA Executive Guide.

Key dates May 14 – May 18, 2018, 2-6pm, room 202, Kaulbachstraße 45
Assessment Presentation
Credits 3 ECTS

Business Game Course Program

Date Session Content Deliverables
Session 1 14 May, 2-6pm Introduction to the global business game
Session 2 15 May, 2-6pm Quarters 1 decisions
Quarters 2 decisions
Strategic plan and goals report
Session 3 16 May, 2-6pm Quarters 3 decisions
Quarters 4 decisions
Session 4 17 May, 2-6pm Quarters 5 decisions
Quarters 6 decisions
Session 5 18 May, 2-6pm Quarters 7 decisions
Quarters 8 decisions
Presentation and conclusions
Concluding presentations


To better organize the course, please contact Bernhard Wittek via e-mail ( until April 23.
The number of participants is restricted to 20 students. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.