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MBR: Presentations and Reports

Archive StampMBR Core Course

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Prof. Dr. Reiner Leidl, Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter

Course Overview

The courses "Presentations and Reports" and "Scientific Publications" both aim to familiarize students with the process of presenting and publishing scientific results. They are based on the idea that scientific progress can only be achieved through first submitting results to scrutiny by peers and then sharing them in the scientific community. Therefore, publications in peer-reviewed journals are a scientist's core output and presenting work in progress for critical appraisal is vital for later publication success.

Consequently, the course "Presentations and Reports" focuses on presentations of work in progress and on appraising papers in the form of reviews. In a second step, the complementary course "Scientific Publications" focuses on the process of submission to journals and revision.

As such, both courses contribute to the students' understanding of the complex system of conducting research, publishing one's results and participating in the scientific community. We recommend that students first participate in "Presentations and Reports" (1st or 2nd semester) and then take "Scientific Publications" (3rd or 4th semester).

Course Structure

The course "Presentations and Reports" consists of two parts: an introductory seminar and a series of scientific presentations.

In the introductory seminar, students are introduced to the publishing process from the viewpoint of researchers. Students will understand and experience the "Revise and Resubmit" (R&R) process and learn about fair review and appropriate revision. After an initial lecture, a case study (group work on a selected manuscript) has to be performed. In the following, results and impact of the case study are discussed and an outlook is given. The study material consists of the case study working paper, lecture notes and references on the R&R process.

For the second part, the students can choose between visiting the following research seminar series given by  national and international researchers: The ORG Seminar* (ORG), the Risk & Microeconomics Seminar (R&M), the LMU CAMS seminar series or Accounting Research Workshop (AR). The aim is to provide participants with experience in following and appraising presentations from both within and beyond their own area of expertise.

 * In case of the ORG Seminar, only presentations by external researchers (not from LMU Munich) can be attended as part of the "Presentations and Reports" course.


Participants will attend the introductory seminar and seven presentations. They will hand in a referee report on one of the papers from the presentations. Up to three of the seven presentations may be attended at the LMU CAMS; the referee report, however, will be on one of the ORG, R&M or ARW papers. The seven presentations may be attended in different semesters.

Please hand in your referee report via e-mail anytime before the presentation. Send you report for the ORG seminar to Prof. Tobias Kretschmer (, for the R&M Seminar to Prof. Anreas Richter ( and for the AR Workshop to Prof. Thorsten Sellhorn (


  • The course is held in English
  • Attendance to a minimum of seven presentation dates is mandatory
  • Students must attend the talk accompanying the paper for which they write the referee report
  • Papers presented in the ORG-Seminar and materials on further information on how to write a report can be found on LSF here.
Dates Kickoff: 19.04.2016, 14:00 – 18:00, Room 305 in Ludwigstraße 28 VG (Front building)
Credits 2 SWS in module A/II
Examination Input during the lecture and presentations
Written referee report on one of the presented papers
Please hand in your report via E-mail anytime before the presentation. Send you report for the ORG seminar to Tobias Kretschmer t.kretschmer  

Further Information

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