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Advanced Management and Economics of Network Industries

Archive StampAdvanced Communication Economics

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Jörg Claussen, Dainis Zegners, Leon Zucchini

Course Overview

In industries like consumer electronics, telecommunications or e-businesses, products often exhibit network externalities so that positive feedback effects increase the importance of customer bases. Conducting analysis and managing companies in these network industries poses several unique challenges, both from a practitioner's and from an academic's perspective. This course will cover advanced economic and strategic issues in network industries like local network effects, two-sided markets, network access and antitrust in network industries.

The goal of this course is for students to understand and learn to analyze the complex situations that are inherent in network industries, and to practice applying their knowledge to real world management problems. Studying academic research and case studies will help them prepare for future roles in the management of high-tech companies, academia or public policy.

Important notice: This course is aimed at students of the M.Sc. program in management. It is not identical with the course "Management and Economics of Network Industries" at the B.Sc. level. While some of the concepts discussed here will be familiar to students who took the B.Sc. course earlier, we will cover other more advanced problems and take a slightly different viewpoint.

Course Structure

The course divides into a lecture and a subsequent tutorial. The lecture will be taught as a mix of problem analysis using theoretical or empirical methods and extensive industry studies. Students should have some knowledge of the assigned readings before each lecture. During the tutorials, students will work on exercises and case studies related to topics introduced in the lecture.

Netzwerk LMU Management Alumni

The tutorials for his lecture are sponsored by LMU Management Alumni.



  • The course is taught in English
  • The slides for the lectures can be downloaded here
  • The exercise sheets for the turorials can be downloaded here


  • 60 min. closed book exam + short presentation or essay during the term
  • 6 ECTS in module WP4 (PO 08)
Lecture: Mondays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307
First lecture: 02.05.2011
Tutorial: Mondays, 2:00-4:00 pm, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307
First tutorial: 02.05.2011
Exam: Monday, 01.08.2011, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, Schackstr. 4/III, Room 307 (tbc)