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Archive StampMBR Core Course

Prof. Dr. Ralf Elsas, Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter

Course Overview

The seminar takes place in the course of "Management and Microeconomics", an open research seminar series with presentations of national and international top-class scientists. Participants should have the ability to follow and scrutinize presentations beyond their own area of expertise. Furthermore, they should also be able to assess articles from their own research area.

Course Structure

The course is considered as taken if at least seven presentations, each plus a subsequent debriefing, were attended and the referee report was handed in. The seven presentations may thereby be attended in different semesters.

Organizational Issues


  • The course is taught in English


  • Please visit our M&M page for the seminar program
  • Attendance at a minimum of seven dates is compulsory


  • Input during the presentations and referee report on one of the presented papers (the referee report has to be handed in before the respective presentation is held)
  • 3 ECTS in module A/I (PO 08)