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Project Course Communication Economics

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Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Christoph Dehne, Leon Zucchini

Course Overview

The Project Course Communication Economics gives the M.Sc. students the opportunity to apply their knowledge gained during their studies to real-life projects. Those projects will be executed in cooperation with companies in teams of about three to four students. The topics of the Project Course Communication Economics will mainly focus on strategic and organizational questions in the context of high-technology industries.



  • 12 ECTS in module P3 (PO 08)

Project in the Winter Term 2011/2012: "Telecommunication and Socio-Cultural Mega-Trends"

In winter 2011, Corinna Huschenbeck, Sabrina Irotschek and Sabrina Lindner conducted a project on "Telecommunication and Socio-Cultural Mega-Trends". The project's goal was to investigate the influence of socio-cultural mega-trends on B2C telecommunications markets in major European economies.

In a first step, the project team identified mega-trends in Europe based on primary and secondary information. Subsequently, a few key mega-trends were selected for an in-depth analysis of their implications for telco companies and their market-side strategies. Interviews with researchers and experts on mega-trends and telecommunications markets were therefore central to the project's success.

The project was conducted in cooperation with the Swiss consultancy zehnvier and was supervised by the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (ISTO).

Project Team

Corinna Huschenbeck Sabrina Irotschek Sabrina Lindner    
Corinna Huschenbeck Sabrina Irotschek Sabrina Lindner    

Project Partner

Prof. Dr. Clemens Koob

Project Supervisor

Leon Zucchini