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Project Course Strategy, Technology and Organization

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Project Studies Strategy, Technology and Organization

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Dainis Zegners

Course Overview

The Project Course Strategy, Technology and Organization provides students in the M.Sc. program an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life project situations. For the duration of the semester, teams of two to three students will work on projects with partner companies (contacts will be provided by the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization). The project topics will focus mainly on strategic and organizational questions in high-technology industries.

Course Structure

The course will kick off with an introductory session for all teams. Subsequently, the teams will work with the partner companies and meetings/workflows will be arranged to suit project requirements. In addition, the Institute will provide regular coaching meetings. One or two interim presentations, a final presentation and a project report will provide the basis for grading.


Applications for project courses are handled centrally by the faculty.



  • The course is held in English or German (depending on the project partner's preferences)
Dates tba
Deadlines tba
Credits 12 ECTS in module P3 (PO 08)
Examination One or two interim presentations
Final presentation
Project report [Please strictly adhere to our formal requirements (206 kB)]

Further Information

Dainis Zegners, Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 6111,