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MBR: Prep-course on data science with DataCamp

Giulia Solinas, PhD


We are witnessing a fundamental shift into big data and programming in our research routine. Many of the MBR courses assume a specific knowledge of Python. With this course, students have the opportunity to learn in advance how to code in Python, so that they can exploit the MBR courses' contents fully.

Course Structure

The course consists of a kick-off and online sessions devoted to learning to code with Python. After having completed the mandatory online course, students have the opportunity to build their curriculum.

Students enrolled in the course have access for six months to 300 hours of data science videos and coding exercises on DataCamp. Students should choose specialized courses to leverage their skills in data manipulation, visualization, and analysis. DataCamp offers a broad range of courses that cover programming, statistics, machine learning, finance models, etc. The online classes are not limited to Python, but span to R, SQL, GIT, and Shell.

Compulsory courses:

Note: The *course listed above is mandatory preparation material for the following courses: Simulation Methods (A/I), Textual Analysis (B/II).

Recommended courses (this list is not exhaustive):



  • The course is taught in English
  • There is no limit of participants

Dates and Location

  • Kick-off: 28 Oct 17.30-18.00 Kaulbachstrasse 45, room 202; online attendance for the selected courses

Credits: 4 SWS towards B/II module

Examination: Successful completion of the mandatory online courses


Please follow the instructions sent to the MBR mailing list to register. For further information, contact Giulia Solinas (