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Lehrveranstaltungen WiSe 2020/2021

 Veranstaltung   Studiengang  Typ  Dozent  SWS  ECTS
Ringvorlesung "BWL in Theorie und Praxis" Bachelor V 2 3
Competition & Strategy Bachelor V Seitz 2 3
Strategic Organization Design Bachelor V/Ü Stettner 2/2 6
How to Compete in Digital Platform Markets? – Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantages Bachelor S/PS Melcher 4 6
Strategic Industry Analysis Bachelor S/PS Rothe 2 3
Organizations, Incentives and Employment Bachelor S/PS Gomez 2 3
Data Analytics for Strategy Research (Hauptseminar) Bachelor S Claussen; Loh; Rusakov 4 6
Project Course: Strategy, Technology and Organization Master P Solinas; Rusakov 8 12
New Products: From Ideas to Markets Master V/Ü Stettner; Mickeler; Holzemer 2/4 9
Empirics of Organizations Master/MBR S/PS Khashabi; Nicolle 4 6
Frontiers in Strategy Research Master/MBR S/PS Stettner; Loh; Holzemer 4 6
Competitive Strategy (formerly Strategy and Innovation) Master/MBR V/Ü Claussen 2/2 6
Presentations and Reports MBR V 2 3
Scientific Publications MBR V 2 3
Prep-course on data science with DataCamp MBR V Solinas 4 6

V: Vorlesung, Ü: Übung, S: Seminar, PS: Proseminar, P: Projektkurs

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden